Financial services


An adviser needs to have a thorough knowledge of the various investment products that are available in the marketplace when providing advice. The circumstance of every individual are unique, and it is essential that consideration is given to which investment products are appropriate to meet the varying needs of a client before making any recommendations. We aim to fully explain to the client, in a way that they will understand, how each product that we recommend meets the identified financial objectives of the client and inform them of any other options.
In addition to knowing the relative risks and returns of the various forms of investments, it is also important that the clients financial and personal priorities are understood. Providing investment advice involves helping the client to identify these priorities, with examples being:

  • Their true investment aims and what they want to achieve
  • Whether there is a need for income, or growth, or a combination of the two
  • The level of risk that they are comfortable with
  • How much they wish to save or invest
  • For how long the money will be invested
  • The use of the investment for tax planning

We spend many hours researching innovative investment opportunities and creating strategic alliances with investments and tax advisers who specialise in the creating investment vehicles for high net worth individuals and corporate clients.